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1C:ERP. Holding management. Electronic delivery

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Our system is designed to automate accounting, planning and performance monitoring of your company, helping to implement its business strategy at all levels of management. Automate the balanced scorecard, budgeting, business analysis, reporting consolidation for various purposes, corporate control and accounting for effective management of the holding.
1C: Holding management 8
600+ corporate clients
1C: Holding management 8
10,000 users in one database
1C: Holding management 8
Implementation from three months

"1C: Holding Management 8" is a tool for efficient automation of the work of management companies and financial services of business units of holdings. Adequate implementation time, combined with the low cost of support, allows you to quickly achieve fundamentally new managerial and financial results. The exact price and terms of implementation of "1C: Holding Management 8" are determined by the specialists of 1C partners during the pre-project survey of your company.

More than 600 corporate clients across the country who use the product for accounting, budgeting, business analysis and automation of centralized functions have already been able to verify the effectiveness of the implementation of "1C: Holding Management 8". An integrated solution of the CPM class can be effectively integrated with any solutions based on the 1C platform.

For companies that prefer one information base for automating operational and accounting, preparing IFRS reports, managing corporate finance and procurement, we recommend that you pay attention to “1C: ERP. Holding Management", combining the functions of "1C: Holding Management" and "1C: ERP. Enterprise Management" in one system.


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